Upcoming Events

The Sanskrit Alphabet

w/ Rachel Sunday, Feb 17th 2-5PM Cost: $35 In the 5th and last installment of the immersion, we discover the Sanskrit alphabet. One of the oldest and most vibrational languages in the world, Sanskrit plays a huge role in the structure of the subtle body. In this session, we will […]

The Vayus

The Vayus w/ Rachel Sunday, Jan 13th 2-5PM Cost: $35 in this 4th installment of the immersion, we discover the vayus. The vayus are the movements and directions of prana, or life force, through the body. Responsible for all our functions on all levels of being, this facet of the […]

The Koshas

The Koshas w/ Rachel Sunday, Dec 16th 2-5PM Cost: $35In this 3rd installment of the immersion, we discover the koshas. The koshas are the sheaths of our bodies; physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intellectual, psychological and causal. They pervade our entire consciousness and layer the vast network of our being. In […]

Going Old-School with Yoga Training

Hi Loves, So, I have been thinking and watching so many studios have PACKED teacher training programs and pumping out new yoga teachers. I’m also getting a LOT of calls from certified teachers wanting ¬†additional training because they feel under-prepared to teach. I completely understand that feeling and felt the […]

Private Sessions

Interested in personalized attention instead of a public class? We offer private sessions at YogaLove to directly address your specific needs and concerns. Reach out to Amy at 215.493.4446 to schedule yours today!