AstroEnergy Forecast June 1st

Welcome to the AstroEnergy forecast for the week of June 1:

Friends, this is “Eclipse season.”  There is always a ramping up of energy two weeks prior to an eclipse, followed by a two-week deceleration.  We have a Lunar eclipse in Gemini occurring on June 5, which means that you have likely felt the acceleration of energy swirling around relationships and how we partner.  There is an increased sense of turmoil paired with a need to actively rectify matters.

Recognize that just as we’re taking two weeks to process the energy from this lunar eclipse, we start building towards a serious event on June 21, a ball-busting solar eclipse!  I want to tell you to “pay attention,” but you won’t be able to ignore this one – it has been pegged by mundane astrologers the world over as “The Event Of Our Lifetime.”  Hold on to your hats.

Finally, there will be a simultaneous ramp-down and gear-up for the third eclipse in this season – a lunar eclipse on July 5.  This energy will last be felt on July 19 when this year’s eclipse season ends.

You may have noted that your dreams are getting more memorable or even more intense.  Or you’ll get a flash of intuition in the middle of the day.  This is no accident – consider these as gifts from the heavens. Take special note, as this information will be helpful as we move forward into the journey ahead.

Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week find people argumentative.  It’s a first-quarter moon, which often causes people to act as though they have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove.  There’s a need to keep up with the latest news. There is also a general denying of, or an unwillingness to face one’s fears. Many will find they are gravitating beyond or simply breaking free of long-held traditional values. Where many will strive for an easygoing air, there will still be an undercurrent of nervous and uncertain energy.

Emotions run deep on Wednesday and Thursday.  You may feel the need to look after or care for others, but this is a good time to go within and nurture yourself first.  Trust your intuition; listen to your gut.  You can be motivated to accomplish things around the house with this signature.

On Friday and Saturday, we’re still struggling with balancing our own needs and the needs of others.  People will be more irritable than usual – it will not be a great timeframe for decision-making.  We hit a full moon on Sunday, which usually causes us to focus on our relationships.  Under this framework, we benefit from structure and hard work.

The year ahead is full of challenging energy, but with challenge comes growth.  Through this phase make sure you take the time to process your feelings, but don’t give in to fear.  We are growing out of a space from which we no longer fit, and we are creating new and exciting structures!  More than ever, reach out and support one another – love harder than ever.

The weekly AstroEnergy forecast is provided by Barbara Darnell, Astrologer

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