Class Descriptions

1. Select the class/es which suit you best (see our “Class Schedule” page for days/times).
2. Brand new to yoga? Start with “Beginner” or “Relaxing Flow”, listen to your body, be open to new experiences and have fun!
3. Not sure which class is best for you? Give us a call, we’ll help you out! 215.493.4446


In this educational class you will enjoy Vinyasa yoga offered at a slower-pace so that we can focus on the basics: teaching beginner level poses, healthy movement and proper alignment. This class is geared towards beginners, but no matter your level, it will be beneficial & fun!

All Levels
Flowing sequences mixed with poses of all levels will be offered as you begin to experience Vinyasa yoga in its true form. As the teacher guides you through a special sequence of breath- and body-linked movement, options and support will be offered for the more challenging postures so that each student can find their own appropriate space in each pose. In this class you will flow, work, learn, discover and have fun – all in a safe and supportive environment. This class is suitable for students of all levels and while the offering will be different every time, a full mind, body and spirit experience is always in store!

Much like our All Levels class, but in this one you’ll get a little bit more of everything! More challenging postures (standing postures, backbends, inversions, arm balances), faster-paced flows, longer times spent in postures, plus extended chanting and meditation may be offered. As always, options and support will be offered for the more challenging spaces. Some yoga experience is required, but even more important is a loving heart, an open mind and compassion towards yourself!

Relaxing Flow
Stressed out, need to stretch, want to relax? Then this is definitely the class for you. Students will be guided through softer, fluid-like flow, as well as both standing and restorative-type postures, as we allow the mind to quiet, the body to heal and the spirit to be discovered. Expect a tranquil atmosphere, softer music and a more gentle sequence that is open to all levels; beginners welcome!

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a quiet, contemplative style of yoga that aims to calm the nervous system and detox the body using the body’s own natural energies. Unlike flow-based vinyasa, poses in a yin class are held for up to five and six minutes to maximize their benefit to mind, body and soul.

Restorative Yoga
Whether you have a few minutes or an hour, taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.  This class is devoted to the beautiful restorative practices which are a sequence of supported yoga postures and breathing techniques to heal the effects of chronic stress, and to assist you in preventing stress and live more fully in the present moment.  This class is open to all levels and is a relaxing practice that uses props to support the body to fully release into seated and reclining postures.

Community Class
This is a regular, all-levels yoga class and is appropriate for everyone.

SRY Flow
This class is taught in the traditional Saraswati River Yoga tradition; combining the subtler practices of yoga (mantra, pranayama, meditation) with the physical practice of asana. We will work to heal trauma and tension from the body while connecting this form to the divine.

Gentle Yoga (do not read “easy”)
Gentle yoga benefits all practitioners at all levels and every stage of life interested in slowing down and diving deep.  If you have a body and would like to alleviate stress, prevent irritable buildup, and discover just how powerful the mind-body connection can be, this class is for you!

We call it ‘gentle’ because it is a deeply nourishing practice that is highly accessible and individualized.  In this supportive environment, the student can experience a challenge without experiencing stress in the nervous system.  The practice explores fundamental actions in slow, gradual steps with adjustments and accommodations for all bodies. Increase mobility, stability, and flexibility.

This alignment-based class focuses on building mind-body intelligence with breath-linked movement, and also engages pranayama, meditation, and mantra to support mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Yoga Tips & What to Expect

Wear comfy clothes that are easy to move in.

Don’t eat a heavy meal within several hours of practicing yoga.

Please don’t wear perfume to class.

We practice bare foot (but if you prefer to wear socks that’s ok, too)!

Feel free to bring a hand towel with you – as you can get sweaty.

Please leave your shoes outside and enter the studio space quietly.

Make sure your cell phone is turned off (not on vibrate).

Bring with you a loving heart and an open mind.

Don’t have expectations – just allow yourself to have fun, the rest will come in time.

Be kind to yourself – Give yourself a chance to learn and grow!

Need a mat? We sell great yoga mats at the studio (average price $30-$40) + we also rent mats for $1 per use (first visit mat rental is free!).