Clearing the Path: A One Day Ganesha Immersion

Clearing the Path: A Ganesha One Day Immersion
w/ Rachel May
Saturday, April 7th
Cost: $60

Ganesha is often referenced as the lord of new beginnings; the remover of obstacles; the guardian of boons. While he is all of those things, the understanding and relationship to his consciousness is much more than these simple ideas. Ganesha is the gravitational field. His field of consciousness is that which grounds us, embodies us; that which provides an understanding of what stands in the path to our abundance, our gratitude; that which clarifies what we are attached to that no longer serves us. Ganesha comes quickly and palpably because he is close to the material realm; and he works deeply with our root fears that we are not enough, that there will never be enough, that we will fail, that we are not capable. To come into relationship to Ganesha is to experience embodiment free of these fears; and to practice his sadhana is to have a map, a guide for facing these fears directly so that the path can be cleared.

In this one day immersion, we will dive into meeting Ganesha through the vivid and delightful stories of Sri Vidya. We will then move into his ritualistic practices; the Sri Vidya Ganesha Mantra, the Ganesha Tarpanam, Ganesha Puja, and more. We will learn how to construct a sadhana with him based on what our life can allow and what we feel drawn to. We will start a process of liberating from the ground, up and in.

This is a perfect immersion for anyone looking to deepen their practice; anyone looking to begin Sri Vidya practice; anyone looking to reconnect to sadhana; anyone looking to connect to higher consciousness.

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May began practicing yoga as a child, her mother (a transcendental meditation practitioner) being her first teacher. Rachel began teaching in 2001. She received her 200 and 500 hour trainings from Saraswati River Yoga. Rachel is a practitioner and teacher of the Kaula lineage of Sri Vidya; a lifetime student of Parvathi Nanda Nath and Sri Amritananda Nath Saraswati. Rachel is also working toward her Master’s and PhD in Ayurveda; and obtained her counselor’s degree from the American Vedic Institute of New Mexico.