Done: A workshop on Trauma, Triggers and Healing


Cost: $40

We all have endured trauma in some way in which has altered the way we see life, handle situations, and project our expectations onto certain experiences. It doesn’t matter the intensity of the trauma–the body responds in a survival mode and the mind can spin from there. It can be exhausting. It robs you of sleep, peace and in some cases, healthy relationships. 

Amy has watched her mind and body respond to past traumas and using yoga techniques, sacred texts and her science background has developed a workshop to help reduce the suffering. It takes daily effort to heal and continuous compassion to shift fear into LOVE. Come learn about you, your triggers, and holistic ways to continue healing.

This workshop is not intended to replace your medical or theraputic approach to your healing, just to synergistically enhance it. Please do not stop doctor advice, just attend with an open mind.