Week of Sept 21st

This past weekend was a minefield of communication dilemmas.  This energy continues into the bulk of the upcoming week, with messenger Mercury in conflict with a) warrior Mars, b) stolid Saturn, and c) Pluto the Transformer.  All three of the planets Mercury is contacting are considered ‘malefics,’ and as such we are being tasked with moving forward with great care and consideration.  The opposition to Mars often brings aggression to the spoken word and sensitivity to criticism.  The square to Saturn can lead to an inability to see the other side of the story, being fixated on one mindset.  Single-focused thoughts and an unkind delivery are earmarks of a Mars/Pluto square.  Dear hearts, you are lightworkers.  You are here to elevate your own thought, as well as support those in your sphere.  Do the work.  Be the light.  Watch your speech.  Make sure that it is intentional and sourced in Love.
Yet, also: remember that there are times when standing up for Truth is not only necessary, it is imperative.  You can channel the Warrior Spirit, the sage Wisdom, and the Power of Change to move the seemingly immovable into a right and just direction.

Stand in your Truth.

On Monday there is a sense of anticipation, a need to channel that energy into action.  There is also a potential for tension and irritability which can be tamed if you slow down and move with deliberation.  Mercury is *very* tightly squaring Pluto, and combined with a lesser square to Saturn we are dealing with obsessive thoughts, being stuck on specific ideas and unwilling to change course and downright cruelty in communication tactics. Practice being kind, calm, and considerate in all of your interactions.

The Sun enters Libra on Tuesday, the sign of peace, harmony, and balance.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s how the entire Libran cycle played out?)  We’re still working with the same Mercurial energies from the past three days, however, so continue to be mindful of your interpersonal exchanges. The Sag Moon demands adventure and independence, and its trine to Venus suggests that you can charm your way into achieving both today.

Wednesday and Thursday may prove to be particularly challenging, as Mercury both squares Saturn and opposes Mars.  This energy is weighty, melancholy.  This is a perfect opportunity to take care of your mental health. Take comfort in those things that represent stability to you.  You may benefit from a more structured day or an opportunity to put your energies into some hard, satisfying work.

It’s possible that you wake up with an exceedingly kind and generous nature on Friday which may lead you to feel the need to cater to everyone around you, and essentially this will likely cause you to get angry and irritable.  The answer? Just don’t.  You take care of yourself and let others look after themselves.  The Moon is ON TOP of Pluto, which is a scenario ripe for drama! Channel your energies creatively instead.

Relationships take center stage on Saturday, which may prove to be stressful if you find yourself intensely involved. (You don’t need to fix everybody.)  There’s an opportunity for balancing intimacy with independence here, which can be useful when attempting to develop that much-needed moderation in the approach.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, which brings a greater intensity to the “need to know.”  This placement also tends to increase the tendency to worry.  Fortunately, this is tempered with the Moon in an air sign (Aquarius), so there is an opportunity to reason our way out of unnecessary stressors.

The weekly AstroEnergy forecast is provided by Barbara Darnell, Astrologer

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