Fall Moon Rituals w/ Amy

While I fully honor the sun, love its shine, and resonate deeply with Surya energy, it’s the moon that taps into my creative and manifesting energy.  The feminine side of me deeply resonates with the Chandra energy.  I cultivate change when I do moon rituals and I’m ready to write more!! 

Join me for goddess ritualizations with the moons — beginning with a gratitude celebration with the Full Hunter’s Moon on Oct 13th!  Here are our ritual dates:

Sun Oct 13th @ 7:30 PM 

The last day to register for this upcoming Full Moon event is Friday, Oct 11 by 3PM!!!

Sun Oct 27th @ 7:30 PM – New Moon Ritual

Tues Nov 12th @ 8:30 PM – Full Moon Ritual

Tues Nov 26th @ 8:30 PM – New Moon Ritual

Thursday, Dec 12th @ 8:30 PM – Full Moon Ritual

It’s $20 a session or register for all at once.  The money is used for supplies for the ritual. This is NOT a yoga asana workshop at all. Prior registration is REQUIRED. 

I’m so excited to create and manifest with you!