Friday Night Donation Class w/ Ginger Smith

Friday, Jan 18th

6-7:15 PM

All Levels

Donations will go to the  International Rescue Committee, who are currently sending humanitarian aid to the people starving in Yemen (12 million people at risk of starvation). They are the poorest country in the Arab world with high rates of malnutrition but these obstacles have been compounded because of political unrest and war.

Want to know more about Ginger?

Ginger Smith (200 RYT) first began practicing yoga in 2010, in search of an exercise regimen that would relieve tension and help her maintain mobility during her first pregnancy. She was delighted at how good she felt while practicing breath and asana in equanimity and, especially, how yoga allowed her to access sensations similar to the runner’s high that she was accustomed to during intense exercise. Her practice deepened through her graduate studies and second pregnancy when she came to fully appreciate how yoga helped her navigate life’s turbulence beyond the space of her mat.

In 2018, she completed her first yoga teacher training in the Hatha Yoga tradition with her beloved teacher, Angela Quinn (500 ERYT). As a practicing artist, Ginger brings a unique perspective to yoga instruction by connecting art and visual culture to the physical forms of our bodies in asana. She encourages her students to love fiercely, let go of fear, and awaken to the spectacular truth of their inner selves—all while injecting small shots of art appreciation into her classes.