Gentle Re-opening of YL

Hello Friends:


Monday:  9 AM All Levels w/ Amy

Monday 5:30 PM Beginner’s w/ Tatiana

Tuesday 9 AM SRY Flow w/ Rachel 

Saturday 8:45 AM All Levels w/ Amy

Saturday 10:30 AM Beginner w/ Amy

Sunday 9 AM SRY Flow w/ Rachel 

Sunday 6 PM Vin&Yin w/ Ginger


As we SLOWLY begin to re-open YL to public classes, we wanted to share some information to help answer any questions.

  1. We will continue to have online classes for the foreseeable future. Please continue to register as you have been.
  2. IN-STUDIO classes will run simultaneously as the online class. Please be mindful when registering on the FitDegree app. IN-STUDIO is limited to 8 people only. No drop-ins allowed. Please secure your space beforehand.
  3. There is currently no cash exchange in-studio. All purchases must be made through the app.
  4. There are bottles of rubbing alcohol around the studio to spray all props after use. Be mindful that if you are in recovery that this can be triggering for you. Let the teacher know and they will gladly spray your props for you after you leave.  We fully support your sobriety.
  5. Please feel free to bring your own props.
  6. Not all teachers will be teaching in-studio yet. Check the app for which classes are available.
  7. It’s warm in there. We are leaving the windows open with fans on high for additional fresh air. On extremely humid/hot days, we may have to close them and turn on the AC. Please consider this is your attendance.
  8. Wearing masks is mandatory. Please keep this in mind when considering attending in person.
  9. Please do not attend in-studio classes if you are feeling sick.
  10. YL floors/props are cleaned regularly for the protection of ALL OF US.