Gentle Yoga NOW on Sunday Mornings

Gentle Yoga
w/ Jessica Zerr Vanek
Sunday’s 8:15-9:30 AM

Gentle yoga benefits all practitioners at all levels and every stage of life interested in slowing down and diving deep. If you have a body and would like to alleviate stress, prevent irritable buildup, and discover just how powerful the mind-body connection can be, this class is for you!

We call it ‘gentle’ because it is a deeply nourishing practice that is highly accessible and individualized. In this supportive environment, the student can experience a challenge without experiencing stress in the nervous system. The practice explores fundamental actions in slow, gradual steps with adjustments and accommodations for all bodies. Increase mobility, stability, and flexibility.

This alignment-based class focuses on building mind-body intelligence with breath-linked movement, and also engages pranayama, meditation, and mantra to support mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

A Little about Jessica:
Jessica has been a devoted yoga practitioner since 1999 and has been fortunate to study with masters skilled in conveying the awesome power of dedicated practice balanced with the humble truth of human existence. Certified at the ERYT-500 level, Jessica holds the space for self-discovery using deft guidance into ever more subtle layers of softening and opening. With over 20 years of study and practice and 13 years of teaching experience, Jessica offers embodied knowledge of yoga which she confers to students as every day practical applications.
Jessica specializes in the subtleties of alignment, mindfulness, accessibility, healing, and practicing for a calm and balanced nervous system. She has trained over 60 teachers in 7 yoga teacher trainings. Her specialized yoga studies include Yoga for People with Disabilities; Philosophical, Historical, and Medical Implications of Yoga; the Yoga Sutras; Yoga for Scoliosis; Functional Movement Principles; and focused practices for knee, shoulder, and spinal health. Her primary studies are in the Iyengar tradition flavored by 7 years of exclusively Ashtanga, Viniyoga and Dynamic Yoga. Boundless gratitude to Teachers Kofi Busia, Manuso Manos, Tony Briggs, Lynn Weinberger, and Robin Buck. Currently, Jessica is exploring meditation in the Kundalini tradition and postpartum recovery.
She is known for her authenticity, solid attention to detail in alignment, and regular doses of healthy silliness.
Jessica is also a certified massage therapist with over 1000 hours of training in anatomy, joint function, structural alignment, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic and visceral massage, and energetic anatomy and principles with master bodyworker and energy teacher Lynda Caesara.
In addition to group classes, Jessica provides private yoga instruction and massage. Please contact her at for appointment times.