Sounds of Gong, Bowls and Gayatri Mantra for Deep Meditation

w/ Dr. Mahesh Mangalick and Karen E Adamo EEM-AP

Saturday, June 22nd


Cost: $35

THE ONE Source manifested with vibration (Sound). Hence, Sound is the most proficient way to reach THE ONE Source. Sounds of Gayatri Mantra, Gong and Bowls focus the mind in deep meditation. Neural activity of brain almost ceases, and mind approaches the total calmness of THE ONE Source. Special Faculty of “Vivek Khyati” eventually dawns in the calm mind, for the revelation of THE ONE Source.

First Half: Scientific knowledge of how specific Sounds focus the mind. Sounds generated by Gong, Bowls and Gayatri Mantra chanting are known to reverberate in the cave under the brain. Frequency of synchronized electrical pulses emitted by neural interactions slows down to states of Alpha (8-12 Hz), Theta (4-8 Hz) and Delta (0-4 Hz). These states are known to occur when mind goes in deep meditation. Hence, when specific sounds of Gong, Bowls and Gayatri Mantra calm down the neural activity to these states, mind focuses deeply in meditation.
Ten Minutes Break

Second Half: Deep Meditation with Sounds of Gong, Bowls and Gayatri Mantra