Take a Breath, Take a Break

Take a Breath, Take a Break

w/ Doreen Reardon

Sunday, June 3rd


Cost: $20

Take a Break, Take a Breath…this feel good, hands-on workshop will teach you simple relaxation techniques to weave into your day. A special reiki charged zen blend massage cream will be includedalong with guided imagery, Energy Medicine, acupressure and breathwork.

Self-care is the BEST care.

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Doreen’s (aka, the cheerful chalking chick on IG) favorite things are autumn leaves, wildflower fields and sunsets that make you go “woah”. She has been a Board Certified/PA licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master/ Teacher for over 17 years. She created this class to introduce the techniques used with her private clients on the table into a group setting to promote more of that ripple of relaxation. Doreen’s philosophy is that we all shine more brightly when filled with peace, ease, and grace.