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200-Hour Immersion and Teacher Training Announcement from Amy:

Hi Loves,

So, I have been thinking and watching so many studios have PACKED teacher training programs and pumping out new yoga teachers. I’m also getting a LOT of calls from certified teachers wanting additional training because they feel under-prepared to teach. I completely understand that feeling and felt the exact same way! There is a LOT to learn in a beginner 200 hour training and endless amounts to absorb. The brain can only retain so much and the journey can only go so fast. As the environment changes, as the student changes, as our needs change–so must immersions and training programs. So YOGALOVE IS GOING OLD SCHOOL.

We are going one-on-one yoga mentorship training at YogaLove. I understand that may not seem economically efficient for a studio, but I’m not concerned about that. I’m concerned about teaching and helping students get to where they want to go as a teacher. So here is how YogaLove’s 200-hour program will go:

-You and Amy (or teacher of your choice at YL) will start your teachings one-on-one based upon your current yoga interests and we will study deeply.

-We will work in 50 hour chunks and break up topics until you can teach them back because you embody the lessons.

-Once you hit your 200-hour completion and can fully teach a class with assists, pranayama, philosophy and your own VOICE, you will get your certificate through YogaLove and the Yoga Alliance.  This may take you a year or 10 years, but you will be ready to walk the path of a yoga teacher in confidence.

-You will teach practice classes to the community before you’re on your own. As many as you need.

-You will assist Amy’s Saturday classes until you feel so comfortable assisting, your helping strangers on the street feel better in their own posture (just kidding–but you get the drift here).

-Liked the benefit of having free classes while you were in training? Fine, you get 5 months of free classes while your in training. That was equivalent to what you have gotten in the traditional offering YL had.

Have some questions? Reach out to me. My cell is 215-528-7191. Or call the studio 215.493.4446.

So, there you have it. Going old school.

Love you!!!

Amy 🙂

YogaLove is proud to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS).

30-Hour Restorative Teacher Training
w/ Rachel

Saturday, Oct 6th 12-6 PM
Sunday, Oct 21st 12-5 PM
Saturday, Nov 10th 12-6 PM
Sunday, December 2nd 12-5 PM

$350 Early-Bird before 9/24
$400 after 9/24

The antidote to stress is RELAXATION!


This training is open to all YA certified teachers for 30 hours of continuing education. It is ALSO open to any students and wellness/ healthcare/caregivers professionals who want to learn more about restorative practices: for non-credit hours. Certificates of completion are presented after all outside classwork and assignments are completed.

This two day training will give all 200-hour certified yoga instructors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of restorative yoga. The hours spent in training, plus the take home project due within 30 days of the training’s end, will give the instructor 30 CEUs through the Yoga Alliance; as well as the confidence and skill to teach restorative to their yoga communities!

We will cover 16 common restorative asanas, as well as some unique variations. Each pose will be experienced using a wide variation of props and assisting; as well as appropriate sequencing and timing for restorative classes. We will cover pranayama practices (breath work) to help connect students to softening and restfulness, as well as to the subtle body. This training will include learning meditations that are applicable to restorative classes, both seated and reclined; including a basic yoga nidra. This training will also include an Ayurvedic component, giving the instructor a whole new viewpoint to restorative from the perspective of the doshas, the seasons, and the time of day. We will learn mudras and mantras to guide a restorative class with and create a deeper energy; as well as and poetry and sacred, soothing music to create an even more restful and delightful atmosphere for our restorative setting.

Individualized Mentorship Program
Dates&Times: Determined by you and your mentor
Investment: Varies with the teacher
Lots of 200-Hour TT Graduates feel like they could use some additional training to assist in their teaching journey. Whether you had too many students in your program that you felt lost in the mix or you just didn’t get to cover what you wanted, this individualized mentorship program in meant to offer JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO STUDY. There are a lots of certified teachers out there and there is a great deal of competition–if you feel like you could use more guidance, this is the continuing program for you. Your study can be with Amy, Angela, or Rachel–all experienced and certified continuing education providers. A certificate will be provided upon completion.

Reach out to Amy with questions!  –215.493.4446.