The Depth of Devotion

The Depth of Devotion: A Hanuman restorative workshop

Sunday, February 24th

w/ Rachel


Cost: $25

Hanuman is the monkey king; a vibrant & joyous energy whose love moves mountains; his matrix is that of embodying devotion.  Connecting to Hanuman is a deep dive into our own direct experience with offering ourselves to the greater good; and committing our energy to that which revitalizes and nourishes us. In this restorative workshop, we will begin with a beautiful short puja to Hanuman. We will then move into some Kapha liberating restorative postures (more chances to extend and decongest in the body); and we will learn some Kapha balancing pranayama (to allow for greater breathing capacity.) We will move through a light and effortless yoga nidra; and we will end the practice with chanting the Hanuman Chalisa.