The Rooting & Blossoming

The Rooting & Blossoming: A One Day Ayurvedic Retreat

Saturday March 17th
w/ Rachel May
Cost: $75

Spring is FINALLY here! And with it comes the awareness (physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally) of all the lethargic, dull energy that the cold months have left us with.
Take a day to learn, discover, nourish, and delight in the coming warmth and bliss of the spring!
In this one day retreat, we will:

*Discover our own doshic imbalances, and how the seasonal shifts effect us individually
*Learn basic daily rituals for alleviating the ama (toxicity) that has built up in our systems all fall & winter; as well as keep the systems strong for the allergy season of spring
*Work with pranayama, meditation & ritual mantra practices to cultivating a warmth in the body that supports dissolving Kapha (the dosha that is strongest during the winter months) while prepping the body for stabilizing Pitta (strongest during summer)
*Practice simple asana sequences for uplifting stagnant apana vayu (the earth bound pranic flow) and strengthening our subtle energy fields
*Spend a day deeply listening and caring for this complex and beautiful being that is you.

An Ayurvedic lunch cooked by Rachel May will be provided; as well as tea to support our rooting and blossoming!

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Bio: Rachel May began practicing yoga as a child, her mother (a transcendental meditation practitioner) being her first teacher. Rachel began teaching in 2001. She received her 200 and 500 hour trainings from Saraswati River Yoga. Rachel is a practitioner and teacher of the Kaula lineage of Sri Vidya; a lifetime student of Parvathi Nanda Nath and Sri Amritananda Nath Saraswati. Rachel is also working toward her Master’s and PhD in Ayurveda; and obtained her counselor’s degree from the American Vedic Institute of New Mexico.