Winter Wellness Workshop!

Winter Wellness Workshop!

Winter Wellness Workshop:  Build the immune system with Herbal Remedies
Sunday, December 10th
Cost: $35

With the cold and flu seasons coming upon us, it is important to know how to prevent and fight them off. So, how about taking a different approach and creating your own medicine to do just that! 

Come out to Yoga Love on December 10th to learn a fun + simple approach to dealing with those germs and viruses with Herbalist Andrea Rose!

In this fun filled, hands on course we will discuss the basic functions of the immune system along with herbs that help stimulate and support you. Not only will we discuss herbal remedies of our ancestors, but we will also create our own herbal medicine to take home and enjoy!

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About Andrea Rose:

Start by checking out her awesome website!!

Andrea Rose is a passionate healer with Clinical training in hematology, aromatherapy, herbalism, and Reiki. Along side making medicine, she is also a musician and nature enthusiast that fills her day with song, laughter and nurturing her plants. 

She is the founder of Honey Rose Botanicals, a small handcrafted holistic medicine and beauty skincare business located along the outskirts of Philadelphia. 

In addition to consultations and medicine making, she also finds importance in teaching others the message of the plants. You may find more information about her online and in person courses under the “Learn” section.