Take a Break, Take a Breath
w/ Doreen Reardon (aka–the cheerful chalking chick on IG)
Sunday, June 3rd
2-3 PM
Cost: $20

Take a Break, Take a Breath…this feel good, hands-on workshop will teach you simple relaxation techniques to weave into your day. A special reiki charged zen blend massage cream will be includedalong with guided imagery, Energy Medicine, acupressure and breathwork.  

Self-care is the BEST care.

 Doreen’s (aka, the cheerful chalking chick on IG) favorite things are autumn leaves, wildflower fields and sunsets that make you go “woah”. She has been a Board Certified/PA licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master/ Teacher for over 17 years. She created this class to introduce the techniques used with her private clients on the table into a group setting to promote more of that ripple of relaxation. Doreen’s philosophy is that we all shine more brightly when filled with peace, ease, and grace.

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Embodying Compassion: A Tara Restorative Event
w/ Rachel May
Sunday, June 10th
Cost: $25

We live in a world of duality; and a constantly moving and changing one at that. Compassion is our capacity to give presence in the face of opposition, of limitation; and restorative yoga is the practice of centering back into effortlessness. This workshop will be a lovely opportunity to grant yourself the time to find ease and space in your being; which ultimately gives us the greater possibility of embodying fierce compassion. We will restore the pranas that are so depleted, come into some restorative asana and let props support us, and explore practices with the vehicle of consciousness that is Tara: protectress of the world and mother of compassion.

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Introduction to Ayruveda: The Elemental Brilliance that is YOU!
w/ Rachel May
Saturday, June 16th
Cost: $60

Ayurveda is the science of life; an understanding of balance within all levels of consciousness and being that is in intimate relationship with the elements and the universal.

We will spend an afternoon discovering Samkhya Philosophy; as well as taking a constitution test to discover what our own imbalances might be.
We will talk about how the upcoming shift into summer will effect our imbalances; and how to support our well being through nutrition, lifestyle, yoga practice and more!
There will also be tridoshic summer Ayurvedic recipes to discover and samples of them all!

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Making Peace with Your Body and Food
w/ Dana Snook & Beth Knudson
Sunday, June 24th
Cost: $89 before 6/19. $99 after

Do you struggle to feel at peace with your body and/or food? Through this workshop, you will begin to explore the root causes of what may be interfering with you having a healthy relationship with food and your body. You will learn about the intuitive eating model to connect you back to your own hunger and satiety while using a gentle flow to pay attention to your relationship with your breath, movement, and sensations. You’ll roll on the floor with therapy balls, move joyfully, hear good music, and have fun. Our focus will be on kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness, concentrating on what’s inside and outside the boundary of our skin. This workshop is open to all levels and bodies.

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About the Practitioners: Dana Snook and Beth Knudson.
Beth Knudson is a certified yoga therapist, specializing in body awareness, appreciation, and understanding. She studies under her teachers Gil Hedley, Kira Sloane, and Jules Mitchell. She is also a certified Thai Yoga Practitioner through the Vedic Conservatory.
Dana Snook is a Nutritionist Therapist,Registered Dietitian and Certified Intrinsic Coach who specializes in helping her clients develop a trusting relationship with their food and their body. Her clients usually spend years being disconnected from their bodies which does not allow them to connect with their intuitive ability to decide what and how much to eat. She has trained with renowned eating specialists Ellyn Satter and Evelyn Tribole on the Eating Competence Model and Intuitive Eating.
What Our Previous Participants Have Said:
“I feel better about my eating habits. I learned that my body is telling me what it needs! Big Aha moment! I learned a lot, not just about food, but about myself. Thank you for providing safe space. I enjoyed the entire workshop!”
“I feel like it was helpful to hear other people’s stories were similar to mine. I’m not the only one who struggles with these things. It was eye opening to see that food doesn’t have to be stressful, but can be enjoyable.”
“My favorite parts [of the workshop] were the safe environment for all to share, the movement and listening to your body, and Beth and Dana sharing. It was a great start for intuitive eating and I feel like I can reach out to Beth and Dana for further support”

BioMat w/ Reiki Healing Sessions
with Amy

30 Minute Private $40
60 Minute Private $75

The BioMat is an FDA approved Medical Device that is used to treat a wide range of aliments from anxiety to arthritis. The BioMat is a specialized mat which consists of Amethyst crystals and uses far infrared rays and negative ion energy to increase circulation throughout the body. The BioMat also has therapeutic value as an aid to deep, delta-state relaxation, meditation and improved mental serenity. Enjoy a completely relaxing savasana while receiving reiki for a peaceful healing session. For more information on the biomat please visit

Call Amy directly to schedule a private session around your schedule – 215.493.4446.