The Depth of Devotion: A Hanuman restorative workshop
Sunday, February 24th
w/ Rachel
Cost: $25

Hanuman is the monkey king; a vibrant & joyous energy whose love moves mountains; his matrix is that of embodying devotion. Connecting to Hanuman is a deep dive into our own direct experience with offering ourselves to the greater good; and committing our energy to that which revitalizes and nourishes us. In this restorative workshop, we will begin with a beautiful short puja to Hanuman. We will then move into some Kapha liberating restorative postures (more chances to extend and decongest in the body); and we will learn some Kapha balancing pranayama (to allow for greater breathing capacity.) We will move through a light and effortless yoga nidra; and we will end the practice with chanting the Hanuman Chalisa.

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Heart Center Meditation
w/ Katie
Sunday, February 24
Cost: $20

Learn the basics of meditation with a focus on the heart center for stress relief, deep relaxation, empowerment, and mental health. Katie will guide you through the meditation with time afterward for Q & A.

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Introduction to Yoga : A Four-week series
w/ Tatiana
Saturday’s March 2-23rd
Cost: $80

Yoga is for every body!

In this 4-week series, you will learn the foundational asanas (poses) and basic breathing techniques of Yoga. Variations and the use of props will allow you to support yourself in the poses. You will also be introduced to yoga philosophy. This is a well-rounded introduction that aims to show you the benefits of Yoga for body and mind.

Be prepared to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and reduce stress, while having fun!

Tatiana’s Bio:

Tatiana first tried yoga 20 years ago for stress relief but found so much more: a safe place for self-exploration and a deeper sense of self-awareness. Eventually, she began to study zen and mindfulness meditation to learn more about the mind/body connection. From there it was a natural step to take yoga teacher training so she could share her passion with others. After her 200hr training with Julia Vitella, she took advanced Restorative yoga training with Gisele Mogan and Jillian Pransky. In mixed classes, her teaching style is alignment based with a focus on strength, body awareness and mindfulness. Being a Reiki master, she incorporates this beautiful healing modality in many of her classes. She’s thrilled to share her students’ yoga journey.

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Chakra Upkeep: A Yin Yoga and Essential Oil Event
Friday, March 8th
w/ Amy and Julianne Gelhoff
6-7: 30 pm
Cost: $25

Chakras are vortex energy centers within the body. They send and receive information and as you know, anything that processes information or detoxes the environment needs to constantly be cleaned and reset. So clearing the chakras must be sorta frequent. You can do this is a few ways. During this workshop, we will do it through Yin Yoga and Essential oil application or inhalation. This practice is meant as a supportive practice to just being incarnated.

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Restorative for Anxiety and Depression
w/ Rachel
Sunday March 10th
Cost: $25

Many, many people in our society struggle with anxiety & depression. Restorative practice can be a vital & enjoyable support to all methods of balance & healing that our mental health requires. So often the nature of life, with all its busyness and hyperactivity, can exacerbate and trigger our anxiety & depression. In this restorative workshop, we will discover simple & powerful breathing & meditation techniques to help stabilize our energy and bring ourselves back to a center. We will learn simple restorative asanas that can be done in a variety of circumstances; to allow for a versatile toolkit of support practices for daily life. We will also move through a very grounding yoga nidra; quite possibly the most important practice for recovering the energy lost when we are in the grip of our anxiety & depression.

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Mediation for Beginners
w/ David
Sunday, March 10th
Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at door drop-ins

Meditation brings peace and beauty into our lives by bringing order and clarity to our minds. With his 20 years of practice, David will offer a class focused on embodying comfort and ease as we settle our turbulent minds. There will be at least two short sitting with plenty of time for questions. The workshop follows Rache’ May’s beautiful restorative workshop from 1-3. Come double dip in restoring your body, mind, and heart.

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Spring Equinox Yin & Nidra
Friday, March 22
w/ Anna Gonzalez
Cost: $25
In spring, those aspects of us that have been dormant over the winter months begin to awaken. Just as nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion—so does the energy within us. Join Anna for a yin practice that will help restore the healthy flow of Qi through the liver and gall bladder meridians, supporting the body’s metabolism and its natural ability to eliminate waste products. We will end with Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation.

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Introduction to Astrology
March 24th w/ Barbara Darnell
Cost: $50

Learn the basics of astrological symbolism which provides the foundation for your soul’s voyage. Participants will bring their natal chart created from the resource below.

Discussion to include:
*Sign Symbols
*Planet symbols
*Moon symbols
*Important points in the chart, non-planetary
*What does it mean when you have something rising?
*Chart descriptions: houses, house meanings
*Ptolemaic aspects
*Introduction to dignities and debilities

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The Journey of Devotion: The Ramayana
w/ Rachel
March 31st 1-4pm
June 2nd 3:30-5:30pm
Cost: $35

The Ramayana is an ancient & beautiful poem from the Mahabharata, one of the great Sanskrit epics. In this tale, Lord Ram must find his beloved Sita, who has been abducted by the demon king Ravana. Along with the help of his devotee Hanuman, Ram moves through story after story of triumph, failure & struggle in the journey of unifying again with his love. This story holds within it 24,000 verses and dozens of individual tales; all delineating, at their heart, the relationship between the individual & the divine.

In this book & study group, we will not only dive into the text together; but we will have meditation & contemplation prompts throughout to further discover the deep meaning of the Ramayana. Our first session will be to begin the text and we will go over the historical context and importance of it. Between our first and last session, we will stay in contact via a private Slack channel; where we can share and discuss as we move through the text. The channel will also have meditation and contemplation prompts separated per chapter; so that each individual can read the text at their own pace. Our last session will be to close, finishing the text together and sharing what the experience has been for us.

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