Winter Wellness Workshop: Build the immune system with Herbal Remedies

Sunday, December 10th
Cost: $35

With the cold and flu seasons coming upon us, it is important to know how to prevent and fight them off. So, how about taking a different approach and creating your own medicine to do just that! 

Come out to Yoga Love on December 10th to learn a fun + simple approach to dealing with those germs and viruses with Herbalist Andrea Rose!

In this fun filled, hands on course we will discuss the basic functions of the immune system along with herbs that help stimulate and support you. Not only will we discuss herbal remedies of our ancestors, but we will also create our own herbal medicine to take home and enjoy!

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About Andrea Rose:
Start by checking out her awesome website!!
Andrea Rose is a passionate healer with Clinical training in hematology, aromatherapy, herbalism, and Reiki. Along side making medicine, she is also a musician and nature enthusiast that fills her day with song, laughter and nurturing her plants. 
She is the founder of Honey Rose Botanicals, a small handcrafted holistic medicine and beauty skincare business located along the outskirts of Philadelphia. 
In addition to consultations and medicine making, she also finds importance in teaching others the message of the plants. You may find more information about her online and in person courses under the “Learn” section.

Creating a Home Practice that Feels like YOU.
w/ Amy
Saturday, December 16th
Cost: $20

It’s easy as a student to walk into a studio and then hand over control and follow the guidance of a teacher to lead you through your journey. Then class is over and you leave. Now what? Wait for the next class to center yourself and connect into your reverence?? NO. Please don’t. Let Amy help you to cultivate a home practice that has YOUR HEART AND SOUL written all over it. Something that serves YOU in the scarce amount of time you have.

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w/ Amy
Cost:  $20 Drop-ins

Connected to the moon? Me too.
During this Sadhana we are going to use the ebb and flow of the Moon cycles to transmute an inner fire to serve our feminine divinity.

11/18 (New Moon in Scorpio) 7PM @ YL

Vedic Astrology Workshop
w/ RaeAnn Banker
Friday, December 8th
Cost: $36

Vedic Astrology helps us to understand ourselves better, especially when we look at the placement of the Moon. In this workshop, you’ll learn what the “default setting” is for your mind and emotions. You’ll understand more about how extroversion and introversion works in your life and how it’s best for you to work with that. You’ll see how other habitual patterns impact your emotions. It’s so much easier to work with our patterns if we understand them! Join RaeAnn Banker for this introductory workshop on Vedic Astrology and the Moon! All levels welcome.

Pre-registration is strongly recommended so you can get a copy of your chart to use during the workshop. If you pre-register by November 15th with your birthdate, birthplace (city/state/country) and birth time (if you have it) you will receive a PDF of your chart from RaeAnn.

If you prefer to bring your own chart, it must be a Vedic Astrology chart in the Southern Indian style. If you have your birth time, you can get your chart online here at:

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The Elemental & Emotional Matrix: The Dakini Mandala of Emotions & The Kaula Lineage of Asana Immersion
w/ Rachel May
Saturdays: 1/13, 2/10, 3/10, 4/21, 5/12, 6/9:
all sessions 12-6pm

Yoga is far more than the asana experience. We are layered bodies of being; and all of these layers resonate with the elements. In Sri Vidya and Tantra, the practice of yoga is often oriented to these elements; to not only give a visceral experience, but a rasa, or “taste” to the subtler realms of being.

In this extensive training, we will dive into the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. The Dakini’s are the priestesses of Kali: and they reside in the realm of our emotions, which our own response to space. This meditation practice is versatile and dynamic; much as each of our own matrices of emotion are. We connect with the Dakini and their element, as well as their essence and wisdom: in order to have a resonance with a higher level of consciousness than our obstructed emotional state allows. The practices in the mandala incorporate vows, taken to give a new response to our emotions; as well as pranayama, meditation and energetic transmissions to build a new emotional intelligence. It is a practice of transformation at the highest and yet most approachable level; giving a life long toolkit for liberating our emotions.

Along with this, we will also move into the Kaula lineage of asana; an elementally based sequencing of asana that works to connect us to the element and the organ systems that are in relationship to it. This asana system focuses first on an internal subtle body orientation: which shifts our physical experience to a deeper level, allowing for an inherent wisdom to guide us on our mats. There is also a brilliant system of physical adjustments we can take as teachers: that support this deep ease and release of tension, stress and samskara.

January 13th: Introduction to the Mandala and Sri Vidya
Overview of the Dakinis, Our Relationship to Them, The Elements and The Practices
Partnering Sessions to Develop an Internal Orientation Prior to Teaching/Assisting
A Full Asana Practice Incorporating All Elements

February 10th: The Earth Element Asanas, Ratna Dakini, and The Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas & Large Intestine
Specifics of Ratna Dakini + Practices with Ratna
The Earth Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas & Large Intestine

March 10th: The Water Element Asanas, Vajra Dakini, and The Lungs & Reproduction System
Specifics of Vajra Dakini + Practices with Vajra
The Water Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Lungs and The Reproduction System

April 21st: The Fire Element Asanas, Padma Dakini, and The Heart, The Lymphatic System & Small Intestine
Specifics of Padma Dakini + Practices with Padma
The Fire Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Heart, The Lympathic System & Small Intestine

May 12th: The Air Element Asanas, Karma Dakini, and the Liver, The Skin & The Colon
Specifics of Karma Dakini + Practices with Karma
The Air Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Liver, The Skin & The Colon

June 9th: Sequencing All Asanas, Buddhi Dakini, and the Kidneys, Brain & Nervous System
Specifics of Buddhi Dakini + Practices with Buddhi
The Space Element in Kaula Asana
Connection to the Kidneys, Brain & Nervous System

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Cost: $500 for the entire immersion
(payment plans are available!!)

BioMat w/ Reiki Healing Sessions
with Amy

30 Minute Private $40
60 Minute Private $75

The BioMat is an FDA approved Medical Device that is used to treat a wide range of aliments from anxiety to arthritis. The BioMat is a specialized mat which consists of Amethyst crystals and uses far infrared rays and negative ion energy to increase circulation throughout the body. The BioMat also has therapeutic value as an aid to deep, delta-state relaxation, meditation and improved mental serenity. Enjoy a completely relaxing savasana while receiving reiki for a peaceful healing session. For more information on the biomat please visit

Call Amy directly to schedule a private session around your schedule – 215.493.4446.


Thai Yoga Massage w/ Amanda Kramny
Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is a healing art developed in Thailand that focuses mainly on stimulating and balancing our Sen Lines, pathways of flowing energy throughout the body. Imbalances in the Sen Lines are excessive amounts or depletion of energy that can be affected by lifestyle, age, or physical condition. The Therapist utilizes her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches while also applying muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure during treatment. Many people say Thai Yoga Massage is like doing yoga without any work and describe the session as both relaxing and energizing.

Thai Yoga Massage is usually done on a padded mat on the floor with the receiver fully and comfortably dressed. A typical session is 60 minutes to two hours long. It is recommend that you do not eat a heavy meal before the massage to avoid any digestive discomfort. Please arrive on time and plan a few moments before the session for a consultation to review your health history with the therapist. If you feel discomfort at any time, communicate with your therapist!

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage include relief from asthma, migraines, anxiety, relief of emotional tension, improved sleep, improved flexibility, greater awareness of body and mind, a release of blocked energy and is also effective for treating specific neruo-muscular injuries, including muscle pain, spasm, dysfunction and chronic tightness.

However, Thai Yoga Massage is not recommend for the people under following conditions:
An infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
-Immediately after surgery
-Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor
-Are prone to blood clots since massage may dislodge a clot, check with your doctor before having a massage if you have heart disease
-Pregnant women should check with their doctor before getting Thai Yoga Massage
-Areas that are bruised, inflamed, unhealed, have tumors, abdominal hernias, and recent fractures cannot be massaged

Thai Yoga Massage $95 / 60 minutes
Thai Yoga Massage $120 / 90 minutes
Amanda also offers Massage Therapy Packages:
60min sessions 4 for $340, 6 for $450, 10 for $650

Please text, call or email for an appointment!