Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation
w/ Tatiana
August 16th
Cost: $15

The profound practice of Yoga Nidra guided meditation is an essential complement to our hectic lives. It helps us find stillness, relieves stress, quiets the mind, enhances the immune system, and is a deeply luxurious form of relaxation.

In this practice, we will enjoy:
· gentle exercises to melt away bodily tension
· simple breathwork (pranayama) to increase presence and calm the
· Yoga Nidra guided meditation while relaxing in savasana to
stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system

Come experience your body’s innate ability to be healed! This practice is for everyone!

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Flowing with the Lunar Cycle: New Moon
with Katherine Cartwright
Friday, August 30
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $25

The energy of the new moon is initiatory energy. It wants to conceive, to spark something new into being, to break us open, to begin again. It’s a monthly rebirth. The phoenix rising from the ashes of the previous cycle. It works in darkness, eventually bringing its creations to light. During this workshop, we’ll explore the themes of coming undone and breaking open, creation and sparking life in order to embrace a new cycle of growth and possibility. We’ll give extra attention to the heart as we attune to the natural energies through meditation, breath work, gentle movement, and restorative postures — enhanced with sound healing and Reiki.

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Meditation and Mindfulness for Parents and Children (ages 5 and up)
w/ Katie O’Brien
Saturday, Aug 31st
Cost: $15 adult/$7 Child

Join Katie for a Meditation and Mindfulness class for children and adults, intended to teach children how to focus their minds and their breathing for nurturing self-wellness, empathy, stress-relief, and self-confidence. Parents are encouraged to join in the guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.Register Here

Introduction to Yoga
w/ Tatiana
Saturday’s in October 12-1: 30 PM
Cost: $60

Do you feel like life just keeps getting more intense and stressful? Like everything is speeding up and requiring endless energy however, you have trouble sleeping?  Lots of people feel this way, it’s not just you. Working out is one thing, learning to relax and developing INTERNAL PEACE is another. We need to learn to relax MORE THAN EVER. Doctors, psychiatrists, and health experts recommend yoga for so many reasons but hopping into a yoga class can be intimidating if you’re brand new.  We’ve got you.

Introduction to Yoga Series with Tatiana.  Over 4 weeks (6 total hours) join Tatiana as she covers the basics of yoga poses, alignment, breathwork, and meditation. It’s an interactive workshop so you can ask lots of questions at any time.

Here are the exact dates:

Oct 5th, 12-1: 30 PM
Oct 12th, 12-1: 30 PM
Oct19th, 12-1: 30 PM
Oct 26th, 12-1: 30 PM

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