**Just a friendly reminder, there are no refunds or transfers for workshops**

Prenatal Yoga Series
w/ Rachel Morgan
Wednesdays Jan 8th-Feb 12th
5:45pm – 6:45Pm
Cost: $68 for series or $17 a drop-in

Hooray for pregnancy!
Join Rachel (who is also pregnant!) for this wonderful series. This new & exciting time can be both delightful & challenging for pregnant folks! Yoga is one of the safest and best exercises for pregnancy; both because of it’s wonderful variations for all trimesters, and for its wonderful stress-relieving potential! In this series, we will work on breathing exercises to keep us calm & centered. We will discover some helpful postures for alleviating nausea, sciatica, joint pain, and other difficulties that come up during pregnancy. We will also work on poses to strengthen, stretch and tone our bodies in preparation for childbirth. And we will always end with a sweet guided savasana, connecting to our bodies & our baby as we get some much-deserved relaxation.

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Anatomy Series Part 2: More hips revealed
w/ Jessica
Friday, January 31st
7:00-9:00 PM
Cost $45

We will complete our exploration of the hip joint and the pelvis! If you missed the first half, you are welcome to attend anyway. There is so much to take in! You learn something new every time you look.

So much more than your average dry anatomy course, we reference 2-D pictures to more precisely map out the muscles on our own bodies and feel the muscles in action 3-D. A fun and interactive approach, you will have a greater felt sense, functional understanding of not only how the joint is structured, but how it works too. We will study the muscles that cross the hip joint with an overview of the discussion from hips part 1–the deep hip rotators, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles. This class will focus especially on the leg muscles that affect the hip and the deep actions of the joint itself.

Bring your questions, bring your curiosity, and bring your anatomy books!

Jessica is a seasoned 500 ERYT and also a skilled bodyworker with over 1000 hours of study in anatomy and joint function.

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The Space Between Breaths –The Stirrings of Spring
Cross-Quarter Day Energy Re-Balancing
w/ Katherine Cartwright
Saturday, February 1st
2 – 3:30 pm
Cost $25

Imbolc. Candlemas. Groundhog Day. The mid-point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox celebrates the visible return of light and life signs in the natural environment. There’s quickening energy, evident in the first growth beginning to break ground and the blossoming of the snowdrops in the woodlands. We’re looking forward to winter’s end and to the coming of spring. We begin to notice the days are longer. We notice subtle changes in our energy. We might be feeling this in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This workshop offers a time of energetic re-balancing. We begin and end in the full light of the day.

Through breathwork, deep relaxation, guided meditation, and receiving Reiki energy and sound healing, we allow the body, mind, emotions, and spirit deep rest and renewal, and return restored, revitalized, and energized.

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Yin and Thai Yoga Massage
w/ Anna and Amanda
Friday, February 7th
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Cost: $45

In this relaxing and revitalizing workshop, you will experience Yin poses with Thai massage adjustments. Anna will guide you into passive poses that will be held for several minutes at a time, while Amanda offers adjustments in the form of gentle pressure applied with her hands and feet. You will leave this workshop feeling re-energized, reconnected and centered.

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Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop for Couples
Saturday, February 8th
12-1:30 pm
$45 per couple

Learn meditation and mindfulness as a personal tool for self-growth, reflection, and evolution. Learn how to deepen your connection and compassion for your partner in the process. Katie will guide you through the meditations with time afterward for sharing, reflection, and Q & A.

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Loving the Self as a Radical Act: Fill Your Cup
w/ Jessica Zerr Vanek
Saturday, Feb 8th
4:00-5:30 PM
Cost: $35

Someone once asked me, who profits from your fear? And who profits from your love? The internal answers to these questions were so immediately stark and telling that I was filled with an immediate conviction to transform this relationship inside myself. Every act of love is an act of rebellion. Every act of love brings us closer to wholeness, that wholeness that is our birthright. Even if you don’t fully believe it yet, the practice is potent. After all, as Rumi says, yearning is what the heart loves but doesn’t yet believe.
You will learn tools to keep yourself tuning in to your highest vibration and techniques for caring for your body and soul in simple, easy to apply ways. Be bold and let your heart’s yearnings be nourished.

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Introduction to Yoga Workshop
w/ Tatiana
Sunday, Feb 16th
2-4 PM
Cost: $35

New to yoga? We were once too!

We’re offering a special 2-hour workshop designed to give you the confidence to attend your first yoga class.
In our time together we will:

– break down some common yoga poses
– do a few short sequences with these poses
– talk about yoga as a philosophy and practice
– discuss the different types of classes so you can choose the ones that best suit you.

If you’ve wondered if yoga might be right for you, join this fun and informative workshop!

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w/ Ulla-Britt Fagan
Cost $250

Fri, March 13: 6pm-8:30pm
Sat, March14: 12pm-4pm
Sat, March 28: 12pm-4pm
Sun, March 29: 12pm-4pm

In this 15.5 hour workshop, we will drop into the meaning and act of Namaste. Together we will explore and recognize the divine within ourselves so that we can see and recognize it in others. With open hearts and minds, we learn to teach from an authentic welcoming heart. We will discuss our experiences as a householder in today’s society and make connections on how it all comes through in our teaching.

This unique gathering is for teachers and teachers-in-training. If you are a teacher at heart and have not taken teacher training but find yourself sharing the beauty and benefits of yoga, this workshop is also for you.

Topics include Teaching today. Assists. Diversifying classes. Building community. Love. Loss. Joy. Suffering. Vulnerability. Personal practice. Teaching with intention. The workshop will also include Asana practice with the divine rasas, Pranayama and Satsang.

Ulla is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a graduate of the Saraswati River Yoga Teacher Training Program where she continues to study under Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati.

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