Mindfulness Meditation for Busy People
w/ Katie O’Brien
April 27th, 12-1 pm
Cost: $20 (per session)

Do you feel like you just don’t have time to sit down and meditate?

Learn the fun way to meditate that is satisfying to mind, body, and spirit. Katie will guide you through the mindfulness exercises and meditations created to help you design your own experience within, based on your personal need. With a focus on the heart center, the exercises can help to support stress relief, relaxation, empowerment, and mental health. There will be time afterward for Q & A.

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Yoga for Serenity: A 7-part series using the 12-steps of recovery
w/ Heather Barna Dowling
Saturdays from May 4th – June 15th
Cost: $25 a session or $150 for the entire series (price include crystals/stones for your complete chakra set at end of series)

Join us for a beautiful 7-Part journey through the energy centers as we connect with the 12 steps of recovery.

In each of our RESTORATIVE sessions, we will systematically work through the steps, through the chakras (or energy centers in the body) and get some energy support through the use of stones/crystals for continuous healing. We begin every session with a discussion of the connection between our chakras and the associated steps they reside in followed by specific restorative yoga practice and guided meditation.

Please dress comfortably, a journal and eye pillow are recommended.

Root ~ Steps 1,2 &3 ~ Tourmaline

Sacral ~ Step 4 & 5 ~ Carnelian

Solar Plexus ~ Steps 6 & 7 ~ Citrine

Heart ~ Steps 8 & 9 ~ Rose Quartz

Throat ~ Step 10 ~ Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye ~ Step 11 ~ Amethyst

Crown ~ Step 12 ~ Selenite

*****Yoga4Sobriety is not a replacement for any recovery program. It is designed to be an add-on to an ongoing recovery process.***

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Heather Barna~Dowling grew up practicing yoga and meditation with her mother. After struggling with her path in her teen years she returned to her roots in her late 20s, yoga and meditation, herbs, aromatherapy, crystals and other various modalities of eastern philosophy healing to seek out her souls’ purpose. In November of 2011, Heather made a conscious decision to not put a drink or drug into her body and with Gods grace and a fellowship she has lived a beautiful sober life since and her path is continually unfolding like a graceful lotus flower!

Heather is an experienced certified yoga instructor trained in the Saraswati River lineage, focusing on Vinyasa and Ashtanga and specializing in trauma and addictions recovery, yoga4sobriety, as well as restorative and meditation

Heather has a private Mindfulness and Spiritual coaching practice with a focus on helping to empower her clients to become quiet, find and use new tools to HEAR their souls and find their divine purpose. Heather has personally walked this path, getting and remaining sober, leaving an abusive marriage, raising 5 children and successfully healing generational karmic wounds and continues to successfully help her clients navigate many of these same paths.

Heather is a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, Certified Mindfulness Coach, Advanced Crystal Healer, As well as master proficient in Chakra Balancing, Pendulum work and Aromatherapy.

What to expect: Heathers peaceful, honest, non-judgmental, friendly and compassionate personality shine during her coaching sessions, classes and workshops. Each feature individual assistance, guided meditation, reiki and lots of loving mantras

Cueing Practice for Teacher Training Graduates
w/ Amy
Friday, May 10th
6-7: 30 PM
Cost: $20

Cueing is hard and even when your sequence is spot on, effectively and efficiently getting students into the asana requires skill It’s the first assist students receive and how to cue frees you to also get off of your mat and assist with touch too.

Teacher Training programs go so fast and there is so much to learn, so if cueing is keeping you from teaching (or has kept you from teaching and you graduated YEARS ago), lets practice and get you where you want to be.

In this workshop, your going to just practice developing or delivering simple cues from the ground up.

This workshop is for recent grads, seasoned grads or teachers just looking to refine their cues.

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The Grace & The Beauty: A Lakshmi Restorative Workshop
w/ Rachel
Friday, May 24th
6-8 pm
Cost: $25

Lakshmi is often referenced as being the devi of beauty, wealth, abundance, and fortune. While all of these things could be said; her depth of wisdom is far beyond the reaches of the material realm. Lakshmi connects and reveals our abundance of inner wealth; our inherent radiance and beauty; and the day to day gratitude we can resonate with. She brings to light our fears in relation to self-worth, self-love, and self-care. Lakshmi’s grace calls us to value ourselves deeply and to recognize the value of every moment of our lives. In this restorative workshop, we will start with a sweet puja to Lakshmi; and a recitation of the Sri Suktam, a text of devotion to Lakshmi. We will explore pranayama meditations to feel directly the constant source of prana that is available to us. We will nestle into some luscious restorative postures; feeling the delight of being in this body. And we will end with yoga nidra; replenishing the energy we have lost so that we can continue to embody her grace and beauty.

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