Teacher Trainings

200-Hour Immersion and Teacher Training – ON HOLD – NEW DATE TBA

Join the diverse range of experience and expertise the seasoned teachers at YogaLove has to offer while you immerse in the sacred studies of Yoga. Our journey begins TBA, and we will meet in person every 3 weeks and weekly by Zoom for the supportive and integration practices. One of the beautiful things about the YogaLove Immersion is the diverse lineages the lead teachers hold. It creates freedom within your unique and individual practice while maintaining reverence and honor for the tradition of Yoga. Amy, Rachel, Ulla, David, Anna, Tiffany, & Tatiana will all be teaching portions of the immersion.

Want to just do the immersion, but not the “learn to teach” part?  You can do that too.

Our Meeting Dates: TBA

We will cover the following topics (sooooooo exciting!!!).

Anatomy, Physiology, Yoga Mythology, Sacred Texts, Injury modifications, God/Goddesses, Tantric Sadhanas, the 8-Limbed Path, the Subtle Body, Energetic Assisting, Chakras, Asana alignment and cueing, Vayus, Nadis, Ayurveda, Yoga Ethics & Integrity, Mantras, Pranayama, Sanskrit, Yoga History & Philosophy, Bhakti practices, and the Diversity of Yoga. 

The program cost is $3250 to be certified as a teacher.  You receive unlimited free yoga classes until graduation on TBA, upon full-payment.  If you are interested in the immersion, the cost of program is $2000 and does not include unlimited yoga. Please contact Amy for an application at 215-493-4446 or by emailing YogaLoveStudio@gmail.com.

Individualized Mentorship Program
Dates&Times: Determined by you and your mentor
Investment: Varies with the teacher
Lots of 200-Hour TT Graduates feel like they could use some additional training to assist in their teaching journey. Whether you had too many students in your program that you felt lost in the mix or you just didn’t get to cover what you wanted, this individualized mentorship program in meant to offer JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO STUDY. There are a lot of certified teachers out there and there is a great deal of competition–if you feel like you could use more guidance, this is the continuing program for you. Your study can be with Amy or Rachel–who are experienced and certified continuing education providers. A certificate will be provided upon completion.

Reach out to Amy with questions!  –215.493.4446.