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The Fortress of Mother: A Durga Restorative Workshop
w/ Rachel Morgan
Sunday, July 26
3-5 pm ONLINE
Cost: $25
Durga is often referenced as being the Mother; the fiercest fortress of compassion; the embodiment of strength and courage. While she is all of those things, the depth of relationship we connect to through her practices is much more. Durga is the Shakti that defeats the ego, the ahamkara: that structure of consciousness that works to convince us we are separate, only for us to recognize we are in union with everything. Durga comes to fortify and support our subtle energies, burning through our karma, so that we can do our work of liberation in the world. In this restorative workshop, we will begin with a sweet yantra puja to Durga; and we will chant some of the Chandi Path to more deeply connect to her energy. We will discover equanimity through pranayama. We will move through some warming, grounding and easeful restorative postures to support alleviating the hectic & spacey Vata energy of the season. We will soften our attention and feel directly the power of our own awareness when we do not follow the fluctuations of the mind. And we will end with a shava yatra practice: a reclined pranayama meditation that allows the nervous system to release residual stress & tension while replenishing our prana.


Usui Level I Reiki Certification Class
w/ Doreen Reardon
August 9th, 2020
12:30 – 5:30
Cost: $111.00
Limited to 6 people ONLY

Are you curious about the gifts and benefits of Reiki? Learn how to help yourself and others heal using this ancient Japanese technique for modern times. Reiki utilizes universal life force energies along the body to promote healing from within. It’s a warm, gentle, natural method of relaxation to relieve physical and emotional stress. This First Degree beginners class blends discussion and hands-on training in the comfortable, relaxing Yoga Love atmosphere. We will explore your lineage, Reiki Principles and The Story of Dr. Usui, Energy 101, Emotions/Colors/Issues corresponding to the Chakras, hand positioning, creative ways to apply Reiki into your daily life, the Degrees of Reiki training, and ethics/etiquette during a Reiki session. This class provides a strong foundation for the higher levels of Reiki training and includes guided imagery meditation and Energy Medicine warm-up exercises, manual and certificate upon completion. *** Class is limited to 6 students to ensure individualized support and attention. register early!

Doreen is one of our relaxation rockstars, offering her Take a Break, Take a Breath class, and gentle Reiki assists during Amy’s magical Yin Restorative workshops here at Yoga Love.
She has been a licensed massage therapist for over 22 beautiful years and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher for almost 11. She has studied with Anne Waters at The School of Body Therapies, Donna Eden at Omega Institute, and has practiced with Valarie and Ian Haag at Rainbows of Healing. Doreen’s philosophy for life is to weave grace, simplicity, and authenticity into everything she does, including this Level One Reiki class. She brings a joyful approach to a sacred technique.

Intro to Yoga Workshop
w/ Tatiana
Saturday, September 19
2 – 4 pm

New to yoga?
We were once too!

We’re offering a special 2-hour workshop designed to give you the confidence to attend your first yoga class.

In our time together we will:

– break down some common yoga poses

– do a few short sequences with these poses

– talk about yoga as a philosophy and practice

– discuss the different types of classes so you can choose the ones that best suit you.

If you’ve wondered if yoga might be right for you, join this fun and informative workshop!

Moving into Meditation
w/ Tatiana
Saturday, Sept 26
2 – 4 pm

Do you find yourself practicing Yoga on cruise control? Would you like to deepen your asana practice? Or integrate meditation into your practice? Is your nervous system so stressed that you can’t sit in meditation for more than 5 minutes?

In this workshop we will
– explore our physical practice through meditation in movement
– explore our breath practice through pranayama
– explore our mind and heart practice through meditation

Come practice Yoga as a meditation in motion!

Open to all – from beginner to advanced practitioners.


The River of Wisdom: A Saraswati Restorative Workshop
w/Rachel Morgan
Sunday, August 23
12-3 pm ONLINE

Saraswati is often referenced as being the divine feminine source of wisdom. The Sanskrit alphabet itself is said to have been a blessing bestowed by her consciousness; and as such, she is also the deity of communication and vibration. She is the goddess of an enlightened mind, of beauty and of creativity. We call her in as artists, teachers, musicians, and beings who want to commune more clearly and directly with each other and the divine. Our connection to wisdom and beauty is a vital resource for staying in direct relationship with the divine. It is a necessity to staying receptive and kind in this world. They elevate our awareness and still the mind, opening our perception and attuning us back to the whole. In this restorative workshop, we will connect to the blissful consciousness field of Saraswati. We will being with a sweet yantra puja to Saraswati; and we will chant some of her most beloved mantras. We will move through some sweet, expansive, and deep restorative postures to connect to her spaciousness and grace in our bodies. We will learn her Nyasa; a movement of energy and her mantra through our bodies. We will practice some luscious pranayama. And we will end with bhutta shuddhi; a practice for cleansing the chakras through vibration.


The Light of Abundance: A Lakshmi Restorative Workshop
Sunday, September 20th

Lakshmi is often referenced as being the light of abundance; the sovereign consciousness of beauty and grace. She is also said to be the devi of wealth and fortune. While this is true; her depth of wisdom is far beyond the reaches of the material realm. Lakshmi connects and reveals our abundance of inner wealth; our inherent radiance and beauty; cultivating the wisdom and embodiment of gratitude in our lives She brings to light our fears in relation to self-worth, self-love, and self-care. Lakshmi’s grace calls us to value ourselves deeply and to recognize the value of every moment of our lives. In this restorative workshop, we will start with a sweet puja to Lakshmi; and a recitation of the Sri Suktam, a text of devotion to Lakshmi. We will offer her 108 names. We will explore pranayama meditations to feel directly the constant source of prana that is available to us. We will nestle into some luscious restorative postures; feeling the delight of being in this body. And we will end with yoga nidra; replenishing the energy we have lost so that we can continue to embody her grace and beauty in every state of consciousness.

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The Dakini Mandala of Emotions: A Sadhana Immersion

Fridays Immersion Sessions:
August 21st, September 18th, October 16th, November 20th, December 18th, 6:30-9 pm

Sunday Practice Sessions:
September 6th, September 27th, October 18th, December 13th, January 5th, 4-6 pm

$250 early bird (by 8/1); $300 after (payment plans are available!)

In this special offering, we will dive into the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. The Dakini’s are the priestesses of Kali: and they reside in the realm of our emotions, giving us the opportunity to align with wisdom and liberate from our cycles of reactivity. This meditation practice is versatile and dynamic; as each of our own matrices of emotion are. We will connect with each of the Dakinis and their element, as well as their essence and wisdom: in order to have a resonance with a higher level of consciousness than our obstructed emotional state allows.
The Earth Dakini (Ratna Dakini, meaning “jewel”) touches on our feelings of instability, pride, rigidity, stubbornness, groundlessness, insecurity. Her practices liberate our obstructed emotions to bring us stability, abundance, generosity, creativity, and ground.

The Water Dakini (Vajra Dakini, meaning “lightning bolt”) connects to our guilt, grief, blame, anger, sadness, overwhelm. Her practices liberate our obstructed emotions to bring us openness, receptivity, clarity, insight, and stillness.

The Fire Dakini (Padma Dakini, meaning “lotus”) shines the light on our isolation, abandonment, rejection, alienation, and loneliness. Her practices liberate our obstructed emotions to bring us direct recognition, gentleness, interconnectedness, love, and compassion.

The Air Dakini (Karma Dakini, meaning “sword”) reveals our doubt, anxiety, loss, indecision, fear of failure. Her practices liberate our obstructed emotions to bring us trust, confidence, skillful action, kindness, and joy.

The Space Dakini (Buddha Dakini, meaning “wisdom”) reveals our disembodiment, fragmentation, disorientation, annihilation, bewilderment. Her practices liberate our obstructed emotions to bring us unity, bliss, freedom, presence, and expansiveness.

The practices in the mandala incorporate vows, taken to give a new response to our emotions; as well as pranayama, meditation, and energetic alchemy to build a new emotional intelligence. It is a practice of transformation at the highest and yet most approachable level; giving a life long toolkit for liberating our emotions.

Along with each in-person session, we will also have a Zoom meeting in between to build on our practices together and keep the energy strong (all sessions will be recorded: if you cannot physically attend a session you can still participate).